Priyan Rajapaksa

A professionally qualified accountant with FCMA(UK), CGMA, having over 30 years of experience in NZ, Australia, UK and Sri Lanka in Accounting.

Priyan has rich experience at all levels of accounting including directorships of public companies in various industries. He uses that wide range of experiences to assist our clients’ businesses.
In serving our clients, his up-to-date knowledge of accounting, taxation, computer software and practical approach to accounting problems have enabled clients to improve their business results. His friendly nature and empathy to clients’ concerns have also helped him to be well received by clients.

He brings a refreshing infusion of sound accounting skills, practical, commercial and life experience from New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Australia, UK and Japan to your business.

Priyan enjoys seeing his clients do well, as “Your Success is Our Success

Ako Inoue-Rajapaksa

NZ training in Accounting & Accounting Software

Ako worked in the field of education for a long time in Japan, Sri Lanka & NZ. When Right Click Accountants Ltd. was founded, Ako decided to switch careers to accounting in order to support her husband Priyan, and also to be more flexibly available for the children.

Ako is enjoying her challenges in the field of accounting very much, living up to her motto of “Life is a continuous process of learning”. Her methodical approach, eye for detail, and caring people skills fostered in her previous experiences contribute positively to the quality of service Right Click Accountants offer.